obtaining a quote

So you have made it this far and are maybe wondering just what comes next on your journey.

It's all downhill from here I promise since you have already accomplished the hardest part, finding the right person to make your website visions come to life for you.

Now you only need to share your ideas, needs, and thoughts with me so I can determine any costs and requirements to make it happen and put it together for you if you like what I bring to you.

Websites reflect the person, business, or organization that they represent and design concepts such as color schemes, layouts, and features that are put together so they are easy to read and navigate for visitors to your website, keeping their attention and bringing them back.

The bottom line is getting the message in as smooth and pleasing way as possible to those that are looking for what you are offering, be it a product, service, or information.

That is where I come in because whether you have no idea of a concept or look, maybe part of an idea, or you have your entire site pictured in your mind and you just need that avenue to make it happen, that avenue being Blinkster.

With that being said all you need to do is contact me via one of the ways listed below under Contact with as much as information as possible from the required part of the list and we get your website hosting needs set up as well so we can get started on a great partnership to bring your vision and online presence to life.

It is alright if you do not have all the required information because I will still work with you to fill in any blanks you have in your concept or bring you a complete concept from my own imagination and work that will more than suit your needs.

I never mind tweaking and rearranging anything because it is my job to do absolutely whatever it takes to make sure you are completely content with the website that will be representing you and my work as well, which I maintain pride and quality in.

Remember, I am here for you and your website needs, during its creation as well as afterwards. Nothing less.

With that being said, let us get the ball rolling and contact me and I will gather what information you can give me and put together a quote for fees, creation time estimate, and whatever else there is to take you to that final level of having a website that you can look upon with pride and the complete satisfaction that in choosing Blinkster Website Dreams & Designs, you made the right choice.

I will give you as fast a turnaround as possible after I receive that first contact from you.
I take Client Service very serious and is the Core of everything I do.

contact / rod french


144 S Seffner Ave, Marion, OH. 43302


Voice: (740) 751-6779
Text/Cell: (740) 244-1839


quote information requirements

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Site/Business Name
  • Type Of Website (Business, Personal, etc.)
  • Website Size Estimate (Number of pages, types of pages, etc.)
  • Other Pertinent Information You Feel Needs Mentioned (Extra or special features, etc.)
  • Current Website Link (If you already have a site you wish redone or replaced)
  • Phone Number
  • Your Address (Business/Organization location)

Website Issues or Questions

If you have any issues, questions, or even suggestions concerning any part of my website by all means please feel free to contact me by any of the above contact methods and I will address them for you in as quick a manner as possible.

Thank you.
Rodney French
Blinkster Website Dreams & Designs